5 Ways to a Wedding Guest’s Heart

Fun is contagious! When your guests are enjoying themselves, your cannot help join in the fun...whether it be with a jovial dance or stoic smile. Weddings and parties are just more fun when everyone is having a good time. Which is why we have luxury event designers La Peregrina Events here to walk us through the five ways ensure that your guests are loving your event!

As much as it is your day you will find that you enjoy the celebrations infinitely more if you take your guests needs and wants into consideration and plan for them accordingly. Here are the top 5 things to think about if you want your guests to have a great time at your wedding:

5. Keep your ceremony and reception venues as close to each other as possible.

Ideally, they would be the same venue but if this isn’t possible (you are having a religious ceremony, for example) try your level best to make sure the reception venue is no more than a 15 minute drive from where you held the ceremony.

If you are intent on a reception venue which is some distance away, it is only polite to provide transportation to shuttle your guests there and back.

4. Make sure that your reception starts no later than 2 hours after your ceremony finishes

There is nothing worse than making your way to the reception venue only to be left waiting for hours with no diversion.

If you are going to take a while doing photos in a number of different spots I would suggest making sure  your guests have drinks, sustenance and some form of entertainment to keep them going. A jazz trio provides the perfect background music or set up giant garden games to bring out their inner child.

Alternatively, why not consider having the first look and photos before the ceremony? This is becoming an increasingly popular option and I personally love this. It reduces stress on the day, makes the timeline easier to manage and most importantly, gives the happy couple more time to spend with their loved ones.

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