How to Manage the “I Just Want To Be Done!” Wedding Planning Stress

In an earlier post, we discussed how there are some things that you can only learn by actually going through the process, with planning a wedding being at the top of that list! Consider it yet another Boo Radley Experience and pray that you will at least have some really comfortable shoes to walk in. To help you navigate this path, we have author and licensed marriage therapist, Adrienne C. Laursen to discuss how to manage the five main stress factors associated with planning a wedding:

Getting engaged and planning a wedding is supposed to be the highlight of your life, right? Often times, though, the stress of planning your wedding can really spoil the excitement.  These five stressors are normal and typically present for most couples in the thick of wedding planning.  And, while you can’t really eliminate all of this stress (let’s face it, planning a wedding is super stressful), you can learn to better deal with it so you and your groom can have a more positive and enjoyable experience.

1. Managing Everyone’s Expectations (Yours Included)
You’ve been dreaming about your wedding day for years and unfortunately, so has your mother! All kidding aside, moms often think they know best when it comes to planning your wedding, selecting your dress and deciding on the guest list. It can be hard to manage all of the pressure and expectations your parents place on you for this one, very important day. Setting clear boundaries and expectations upfront may help manage any frustrations or differences of opinion down the road. I often suggest writing out a plan, or a list of responsibilities for everyone involved.  (For example: Who manages what, budget guidelines, deadlines for decisions, maximum guest count, etc.) That way, you’ve got something concrete to reference when expectations get out of control.

2. Difficult Friends and Family Members
We’ve all got one—you know the one—friend who thinks this is actually her day: the divorced parents who make your wedding all about how much they despise each other, the crazy relative who demands she bring 15 guests because the family hasn’t seen each other in 10 years.  When dealing with difficult friends and family members, try to remind them what this day is really about. If they become too difficult, it may be necessary to set firm boundaries or remove them from the wedding altogether. Just be sure you’re not trying to manage all of this stress alone.  Get emotional support from your good friends, fiancé or a therapist to ensure you keep your sanity and actually want to attend your own wedding.

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