10 Ways to Be a Better Event Professional

Raise your hand if your mom always told you "there's always room for improvement." It was the unofficial motto in my household and has continued well into adulthood. If you are just starting out in the event industry or have twenty plus years, there is always room for improvement. So take the advice from a professional with over a decade of experience under her belt, Becki Cross, Managing Director of Events Northern from across the pond in the United Kingdom: 

1. Practice Makes Perfect

The simple fact is that the best way to become a better Event Professional is to gain more experience. In ‘Outliers’ Malcolm Gladwell explains the concept that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to make you skilled or an expert in any field. Volunteer, take paid work, run your own events.

Seize every opportunity to hone your skills, work on a wide variety of events, large and small, and experience every role within the events team. Every event is unique and unfortunately there is no magic formula. You need experience to intuitively know and plan every detail.

2. Read Widely

From theoretical event planning text books and industry magazines to eBooks and blogs there is a plethora of current information available about every element of the industry. Dedicate time each month to keeping up to date, identifying trends and learning about new technologies.

3. Reflect

After every event project ensure you reflect, analyse feedback and discuss with your team and the client how to improve. Enjoy the praise but look most closely at any negativity or areas rated average. Share anything that didn’t go to plan with the wider team, along with how the situation was dealt with and lessons learnt. Don’t sit back and be complacent, no matter how big a success the event was. Every small detail can make a difference and there is always room for improvement!

4. Use Technology Wisely

Keep yourself sane by making the most of tools and technology which can make your job easier. Steer well clear of technology that takes up too much of your valuable time for little reward or clear purpose. Understand the process behind the technology too so you can understand better why it is important and the value it is adding. (EventCompass was created for the sole purpose of making event professionals' jobs easier, so please take a minute or so to check out our event planning tools at www.EventCompass.co.)

5. Engage with Thought Leaders

Social media breaks down barriers and is a great way to keep up to date and connect with influencers that can challenge your way of thinking and working. Take part in Twitter chats, join and contribute to LinkedIn groups, watch thought leaders on YouTube to see new perspectives and trigger new ideas.
Go to industry events and hear from some of the top speakers in the world of events. Feel inspired by the fast-paced and exciting industry you are a part of.

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