Practical Rules for Flower Girls & Ring Bearers

Flower girls and ring bearers have an innate ability to create the most entertaining moments in the wedding ceremony--it is both curse and a blessing. To help limit potential tears/runaways/tantrums, while keeping the focus on the couple, the ever appropriately named Overwhelmed Bride is here to walk us those the do's and don'ts for the youngsters in your wedding. 

DON'T give the ring bearer the real rings. That is the job of the Best Man to hold them safely. In a 5 year old's eyes, a pillow is a toy. And toy's get thrown. So do yourself a favor and save that job for someone else. 

DO give the ring bearer fake rings. After months or even years of excitement, getting to carry the rings down the aisle is something he is looking forward to. I mean, you all told him that it's his job so what else would he expect? You could guess how upset he will be when he sees nothing at all tied to that pillow. So let's keep him happy too!

DON'T choose an outfit that will be itchy and uncomfortable. Remember, they have to wear this outfit for many hours! 

DO choose an outfit that they will like. Because there is nothing worse than a crying child refusing to put on their party dress.

DON'T have the ring bearer or flower girl stand up front during the ceremony. It just doesn't work. 

DO have their parents sitting in the first or second row so they can sit down once they get to the front of the aisle.

Click here to continue reading about more Do's & Do's for Flower Girls and Ring Bearers. Remember, there is no hard and fast rule requiring youngsters to be part of your big day. But if you find them too precious not to include, please also check out on article on The 5 Weddings Activities to Keep Kids Happy. Make sure you also check out our numerous posts that discuss the wedding party! Also, don't forget to pass along this helpful information by clicking on the "share button" below to share this post to your social media accounts. 

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