Why You Should Have an Alcohol Clause for all Vendors & Even the Wedded Couple

When group of us went out last night after work, the event planners amongst us regaled the entire table with humorous and unfortunate stories of events that do go exactly as planned due to an over indulgence of alcohol. While the stories about these “eventastrophies” were funny to those of us who were complete strangers to the protagonists, the fact remained that these were real stories about real people’s beloved events. I’m doubt those involved in the event look back and laugh…they most likely cringe. So how to you prevent your event from becoming an eventastrophe? One simple clause in your contract.

1. The contract with each vendor should explicitly ban the consumption of alcohol.

It seems rather obvious, but unfortunately our event planners have witnessed far too often vendors indulging in a drink or four! Our co-founder personally witnessed a wedding band drink so much that they couldn’t even get through the first song at the reception! Needless to say that this band’s contract did NOT have any restrictions on alcohol. While most vendors would not risk their professionalism by drinking at your event, the most experienced vendor might be pushed into joining in on a drink on two by a guest and needs a plausible out so as not to offend the guest. In short, cover your bases to ensure that your vendors are behaving professionally.

2. Planners should include banning alcohol for all vendors in their contracts with the bride & groom.

This is not only a must for any client personally hiring the vendors, but also for every event planner. Most of the event planners on our team insist on the inclusion of banning alcohol for all vendors in their contracts with the bride and groom. Since event planners interact with the vendor team more than the clients, event planners need to have complete faith that everyone will behave professionally. And if this does not happened, event planners also need the power to reprimand any vendor who does not follow the alcohol ban. 

3. Insist that the bride & groom only consume alcohol distributed by the bartender.

If you are an event planner, we also recommend a clause in your contract that insists that the bride and groom only consume alcohol directly given to them by the bartender once they arrive at the event. Bartenders are legally responsible for overseeing the comsumption of alcohol and can be liable if someone acts poorly. As a result, bartenders keep track of how much guests are consuming and have the legal right to stop handing out liquor to those they deem at risk. By insisting that they bride and groom only drink alcohol from the bar, you are ensuring that the number of drinks is now being monitored, hopefully preventing either party from getting drunk. We have all heard the stories about the bride who threw-up on her dress and the groom who passed after wobbling to and fro at the alter. Do not let that happen to your bride and groom! Keep them safe and the bartender free from possible legal action by preventing unmonitored alcohol consumption. Please note that this is especially essential for events being held at an estate where not only the clients could easily outfit the dressing areas with a well-stocked makeshift bar, but also the liability insurance is nightmare.

Events should be remembered for the great moments of love, laughter, dancing, and delicious food. Do not let them be marred by people on your planning team having a bit too much to drink. Insist on the vendor and bride/groom clause. If you have any other bits of wisdom on how to prevent drunk behavior, please let us know in the comment section. We would love to hear your ideas!

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