8 Traits of a Successful Planner Regardless of Budget

We seen so many successful celebrity planners in the media, we cannot help but wonder what is their secret to success. It would be so easy if the answer were simply that their clients have a much larger budget, but undermines the true skill of an event planner and event designer. To share some of the secret sauce for success, Kathy Romero, the CEO of Preston Bailey Designs, has laid out eight traits of a successful planner no matter the budget:

Today I want to let you all in on a little secret. I am often asked by planners and others in the industry about what it takes to plan luxury weddings. Many times, the main question is “how are you able to keep track of all of the things you juggle?” My answer is this: Regardless of who your client is or the size of their budget, the the key to success lies in understanding your limits while setting proper expectations in all areas of your life, personally and professionally. Much of what we do is part of an extremely emotional process for our clients. At times, it can becomes very emotional for us as well.  That said,  we must avoid taking things personal at all costs.  Think about it: the fact that we spend so much time with our clients and their families automatically puts us in a position of vulnerability. In order to make our jobs easier, and in order to provide the highest quality of service, we must remember the following.

1. Know Yourself: Understand what you are truly good at and run with it.  If you need help executing a request, ask for help. This is not a weak thing to do. In fact, it is the sign of a leader and it will only make you better.

2. Use Common Sense: Experience is paramount, but using common sense usually provides us with the right answers.

3. Never Say No: Always try to find the solution. Do not speak that word unless you have absolutely exhausted all avenues.

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