How to Eliminate Drama When Choosing Bridesmaids

Oh the bridal party drama...there are moments when you truly wish that you can eliminate a bridesmaid as quickly as that very stern lady did by saying "You are the weakest link! Goodbye." Callous? Yes, but unfortunately true. On a day full of love and sweet promises, a bride should be surrounded only by positive and loving emotions. Anything less can be distracting. To ensure that you or the bride is not distracted by the bridal party on the big day, event planner extraordinaire Colin Cowie offers seven tips on how to navigate the minefield when choosing the bridesmaids. 

If you think selecting your bridesmaids will be a piece of cake, remember what happened to Marie Antoinette. Yes, ladies, add the title of diplomat to your list of bridal duties-especially when choosing your wedding party. Who you ask (and don't) can be rife with turmoil. Here are some tips on how to sidestep the misunderstandings and tensions that often arise with this important decision.


As tempting as it is to discuss the early stages of wedding planning with every friend, use discretion in discussing your bridal party. Sit down with your fiancé first to decide how large a wedding party you want, whom you want to include, and whether you want to have an equal number of men and women before you start telling anyone.


Chances are, anyone you'd want in your bridal party is someone you've known a long time. So, use this insight to your advantage to realistically gauge-and even predict-how this person will act in the course of your wedding planning and on the Big Day.

Was she responsible and eager to be of service to a friend in need? Was she selfish and resentful? Well-intentioned, but slightly scatterbrained? Does she have a new boyfriend whom she'll be draping herself over at your wedding when you need her help most? Is she likely to drink a bit too much and forget things? You get the idea.

Bottom line: low-maintenance friends and family members make stellar attendants.

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