Great Foods to Keep the Party Going

Here at EventCompass, we love events for numerous reasons...the creativity, atmosphere, friendships, memorable stories, dancing, and last (but certainly not least) the delicious food. In previous posts, we have discussed great late night snacks for those wonderful events that continue into the wee hours of the morning simply because the guests are having too good of a time. If you love the idea of keeping the party going, but not exactly into the midnight hours, here are some great food ideas that will keep your guest well fed no matter time of the day. Our thanks to party guru and owner of South Carlina's CV Weddings, Carolyne Velez, for sharing her ideas and recipes with us!


These can be made ahead of time and with a portable deep fryer can be ready in 15 minutes for your guest to eat. Also they are great with a lime avocado sauce. (see Recipe below)

Empanadas Recipe  

Avocado Lime Sauce

2 avocados mashed with fork

Juice from 1 Lime

Salt to taste

Finely chopped cilantro – (optional)

2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil

Mix all ingredients together until smooth. You might have to add more olive oil to get the right consistency.


Great idea for a summer wedding. With a little soda and vanilla ice cream, you a great late night snack. Very refreshing. Tip: You can also provide caramel, chocolate syrup or cherries for guest to add a personal touch.


These delicious moist cakes are great as a picker upper. There are so many versions of them and best of all, they can be made in advance. For the D-I-Yourselfers, here is a great recipe: Whoppie Pie

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